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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 4, 2012 1:00am-1:00am PDT

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a slow road to recovery for victims on the east coast. tonight we take you inside one of the hardest hit areas. >> very bad luck for a suspected burglar. he ended up dead in the home of one of his potential victims. now.right now. >> we might have what it takes to put it out. >> ama: barge crew celebrate as heroes, the crew turned into a firefighting team to help put out an apartment fire. the fire started this morning at an apartment complex on canal street in san rafael. sergio quintana is live with those details. reporter: that right there is the control tower for that barge. her crew has been working on dredging out the san rafael creek now for the last three months. and this morning when they floitsd was a fire at a complex
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across the creek, they quickly sprung into action, moved the barge near to the complex, and did everything they possibly could to start fighting the fire. >> this is what joan clemens and her son, michael, saw from her backyard. >> we just saw the apartment with the flames pouring out of the apartment, and on to the deck and up through the roof. >> they watched as the crew of a dredging barge made every effort to put the fire out. >> he was scooping up water from the bucket from the canal, trying to reach the deck so he could put the fire out. >> in this video shot by clemens' son you can see they couldn't quite reach the fire so they changed tactics. >> we tried digging our way in. did dig our way in. clawed the barge up on the mud and could reach it with the hose. >> you can see the water they sprayed doused the flames and within minutes a fire team started attacking the plays from
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inside the apartment. there was no one injured but five residents are now displaced. the red cross is putting them up in nearbyms. ents were damaged thanks to the quick work of the dredging crew. >> did an amazing job getting as close as they did with the dredgers they had and actually get something water on there. they did a great job. >> we do it all. >> when we talked to the guys on the barge they were nonchalant about their efforts. >> all i can say i'm glad we were here and able to help. >> when it was all over, they went back to dredging the canal, and carting out the sludge, but the neighborhood gave them a round of applause for their efforts to help put out the fire. >> he and his guys are awesome. it's very traumatic. >> now, the timing for the crew is actually also pretty good because they wrapped up their dredging job today. so if that fire would have broken out anytime thereafter, they may not have been here and things may not have turned out so well. report leaving in san rafael,
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abc-7 news. >> ama: that's incredible. thank you. a livermore art teacher has been arrest for indecent exposure. police say carlos tellez exposed himself in his car on halloween. someone saw him. he is a teacher at the livermore valley charter preparatory school. >> the east coast is slowly getting back to normal but not quickly enough for some people. power is back on in several places, including lower manhattan, but the outer suburbs of new york are still without electricity or heat. gas rationing is underway. people are restricted to buying ten gallons, 80% of the subway system is now restored. schools are scheduled to re-open on monday and fema funds have been approved to repair damaged roads and buildings in new york city and outlying areas that need a lot of help. here's a report. reporter: nypd patrols the dark
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streets, a welcome sight for residents who say the city has been slow to respond. >> you can see the houses. >> anthony says he'll never forget the night sandy came ashore, flooding his neighborhood with up to five feet of water. >> this is nothing i ever seen in my worst night may. scariest movie times ten. >> he used this rope to rescue his neighbors but pulling them off their roof and into his second store bedroom. but he would rather talk about the volunhave that have descended on his neighborhood. >> the heroes are people walking around feeding everybody and bringing hot food and coffee and talls and everything. the people around here, because nobody else did nothing for us. >> started off with me and my husband, and from there people kept coming. >> gael helped set up the donation center in what was an empty parking lot. >> we have had an abundance of help. slowly and gradually building
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its way up as far as the supplies and helpers. >> there was a whole sense there as you can see, the piece still stapgd. >> sheryl is one of the residents who was able to get some much-needed help. >> it's gut wrenching. a agree grew up here. >> her family's home is flooded and there's not much left, but sheryl says the structure is intact. >> i'll have fun with my mother picking out new carpets and tiles and furniture and just keeping positive to keep going. >> and that is the message we got from almost everyone we spoke win. they say they will re back and they will rebuild. >> the new york city marathon will not be run tomorrow. crews are taking down the stands and signs they put up el 'er this week. most runners agree with the decision, point ought millions are suffering from the effect office hurricane sandy. many wish they would have been told earlier.
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>> the statue of liberty will remain closed because of sandy. water flooded the island. there's some damage but doesn't appear to be too severe, the statue of liberty just re-opened a week oof ago after a $30 million renovation. >> is? abc are making monday a day of giving to victims of sandy. disney is making a $2 million donation to the american red cross and you canhy help by texting abc to 90999 to give $10 to relief efforts, and you can donate the red cross by calling 1-800 help now or by going online to >> cold weather is moving in and rain could return next week. let's head right to leigh glaser. >> leigh: temperatures near the east coast, from new york towards boston, in the 30s. folks, a little clipper is going to come down out of canada and that's going to bring some very cold air so washington, dc, only 52 tomorrow.
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barely out of the 40s for new york and boston, and then as we head into tuesday night and wednesday, another nor easter delves just off the coast, and that's going to mean more wind and more rain in those particulars. areas. we here on our coast, enjoying almost summerlike temperatures. we'll look at 70s 70s and 80s in the forecast in a bit. >> ama: the last weekend before election day and the presidential candidates are on focusing on the battleground states. the latest abc news washington post poll shows the race is tied at 48% each. abc news reporter is live in washington, dc tonight with a look at the final campaign crunch. >> they call it a battleground but the president and mitt romney have very similar schedules and they're spending time and lots of it in key states likely to determine the outcome of this election. >> the countdown is on,
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president obama and mitt romney traveled from one swing state to another, in a battle for votes and victory on tuesday. >> four more years. four more years,. >> three more days, three more days. >> the last leg means large rallies, and president has some star power. katy perry warmed up the crowd for him in wisconsin, sounding a little raspy, the president asked for more time to finish the work he start. >> we made real progress these past four years. but, wisconsin, we're all gathered here today because we've got more work to do. >> mitt romney made his final stop of the day in colorado. he says the progress so far isn't enough and it's time for change. >> so the question of this election comes down to this. do you want more of the same or do do you want real change? >> there's a last day of early voting in florida. voters there faced a long line, some wait can hours to get into polling centers. and in response to superstorm
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sandy, new jersey governor chris christie ordered county clocks to open their offices this weekend to allow storm victims to vote. they're also allowing registered voters to do so electronically. now with less than three days to go, the get out of vote effort is in full swing. >> so all of the events are over for the day but tomorrow it's another packed day for both of the candidates. again, the focus on those key swing states, expected to be that way until election day. in washington, abc-7 news. >> ama: millions of people have already cast their ballots in early voting. nationally, does that seem to give an advantage to one side or the other? >> well, there's early voting in 34 states and the district of culp ya. some of those states have released some information about the voters, specifically their party affiliation, and if you look at those you can see it has an advantage towards president
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obama, democrats outnumber republicans in five states, including two critical ones, florida and ohio, and republicans outnumber democrats in colorado. 2008 was a big year for president obama because of early voting, and this time around the gap may not be as big between president obama and mitt romney but romney campaign says they're planning to close that gap on election day. >> ama: thank you so much for that report. if you hope to vote by mail, you may be out of luck. the department of elections will only count ballots they receive by 8:00 p.m. tuesday. doesn't matter if your ballot is postmarked. then. to be recei if you got it filled out but didn't get it mailed, you can take it toker local polling place or turn in an unmarked ballot to a poll worker for a new one. >> stay with abc-7 for complete election results tuesday. get real-time results on abc-7 the moment me the polls close and we'll have live
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updates all night long. still to come tonight an abc-7 at 11:00, hit-and-run victim shares her story. >> it was very scary. >> the victim was in her wheelchair. tonight the search ifor t stilln for the driver. plus, the world series may be over but giants fever is still alive and well. fans got caught up with the heros today. >> if just thinking about math stresses you out, you're not alone. researchers say a
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>> ama: a straining discovery for people in san francisco thivment heard a bump upstairs in their home. when they went upstairs to check it out they found a dead man. police say it appears the
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53-year-old man snuck in and was trying to sneak back out hundred he stepped on a broarchgen sink or toilet and then fell and died. >> a disabled sap mateo woman is recovering after she was struck by a hit-and-run driver. the accident happened thursday night in belmont. the collision left her moator rised wheelchair heavily damaged. here's the details. >> stephanie hall would like to forget everything about thursday night. >> it was scary. >> stephanie is severely disabled and depends onmer motorized wheelchair for everything chev was meeting friends when a car turn in front of her, side swiping her chair and her legs. the driver suddenly took off. >> very sore. >> that sudden collision left stephanie injured and in a state of shock but she does remember the driver was a woman in a
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dark-colored mercedes. that driver actually stopped, got out, and asked stephanie a question. >> she got out and asked me if i was okay. i said, i don't know. she said, i'm coming right back. >> did she come back? >> no. >> stephanie was treated at the hospital for injuries to her foot but her wheelchair is broken, out of service. >> it got damaged. >> the metal foot pads are bent. >> right now i'm not sure if they can fix it or not. reporter: if it can be fixed, she's not sure if she has the money to pay for it. the police are looking for the driver of the car but tell abc-7 they have few leads. there were no witnesses. >> stephanie is using this wheelchair for now on loanmpora. temporarily. she'd like her old wheelchair back. more than that, she'd like
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something from the driver who hit her. >> apologize. >> in san mat -- mateo. >> a man is in custody after a deadly collision in concord. he police say a driver struck a 78-year-old man crossing clayton road them driver told police she was temporarily blinded by the sun. police are trying to determine if the driver ran the right and if alcohol was involved. many americans don't like to do math. new research may suggest why. scientists found when some people do math they actually feel the same anxiety associated with pain. scientists hooked up 28 people to brain scanners and had them do math problems. some people had no anxiety. others showed the same brain activity linked to the sensation of pain. >> i bet you're good at math because you have to be for the weather, right? >> leigh: well, yeah. wink-wink. pretty good in math. we're going to be adding up some very warm temperatures.
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>> ama: oh, we are. >> leigh: a beautiful evening out there, folks. this is from the high definition cam in the east bay, looking down on the bay bridge, all lit up and even downtown san francisco. live doppler 7hd right now picking up just a few high clouds here and there. for the most part we will remain clear. maybe a little patchy fog in the north bay valleys and near the coast. otherwise, enjoy a lot of stars this evening. here's a look at the highs for today. nice, mild afternoon for much of the bay area. 75 in antioch today. 74 in fairfield. santa rosa, 77. even san francisco this afternoon, 71 degrees, and san jose with lots of sunshine in your neighborhood this afternoon, warmed up to 73. right now we have 61 in antioch, and san francisco and oakland, 55 in santa rosa, and 60 with some clear sky in san jose.
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here's the forecast. patchy fog overnight. don't forget, before you go to sleep tonight, time to fall back. we return to pacific standard time, so turn the clock back one hour before you go to sleep, and tomorrow also the warming trend will begin, and by monday and tuesday, temperatures inland back up into the mid-possibly even some upper 80s. here's a look at the lows tonight. upper 50s -- excuse me -- upper 40s to near 50. santa rosa, napa, 53. san francisco. i want to show you the water vapor imagery. you can get a pretty good sense that the jet stream is pushing to the north of us, and so the storm track will head to the north as high pressure starts to build in. brings us the sinking air, brings us the slight offshore warm air flow and that's going to mean warm temperatures for us as we head into monday and tuesday. heading to oakland coliseum,
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seeing the raiders take on tampa bay tomorrow, terrific day for the football game. 10:5 first kickoff. muchrees doh better than that. mild toward for this time of year. here's a look at highs elsewhere. tomorrow, 80, napa. 82, santa rose sacks san francisco, warm to 74. 77 for fremont. le 82 livermore. san jose, few high clouds. other than that, sunshine, 7 degrees. santa cruz, 80. 78 for watsonville. theast,even-day forecast, warmsp even more so as the high really starts to build in for monday, so near record highs. mid-80s inland. even some 70s at the beaches on election day. we'll keep the heat, 80s across much of the region. wednesday, dramatic change, we're really going to start to drop temperature as much as 15 degrees in some locations,
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thick 'the cloud thursday, leading to chance of showers and also some rain on friday. so enjoy this nice warm spell. >> ama: and don't forget to fall back. you can count on the at the answer news iphone app to wake you up. the app will update automatically. you can download from the app store. just search abc-7 news. >> hasn't been a week since the end of the world series but giants fever is alive and. we evidence of that was in union square. giants center fielder angel pagan was on center stage, signing merchandize for a load of fans. he had an autogra smile for eelg smile for everyone and why not. a world champion and baseball season officially over. hi, colin. >> so good looking. >> absolutely. >> it was just the third game in the season but it had the intensity of a playoff game. the warriors leading from the
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opening tim
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>> welcome back. what had been feared became reality today. warriors' brandon rush out for the season with a torn acl. undermanned but not overwhelmed in l.a. andrew bynum in dress -- andrew both -- both gut not in dress. curry, three of his 2, played a team high 43 minutes, blake griffin, dribbling optional. no call. game tied. carl landry, huge off the bench. dropped 23, including that acrobatic layup and one, clippers rally late. chris paul from downtown, got it. one-point game. he had 27. then former warrior crawford,
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corner, three of his 27. tied at 105. more from steph. ankle looks happy and he looks confident. warriors lead again. then chris paul driving, curry steps up and attacks the -- takes the charge, warriors gut out the win, handing the clippers their first lost. >> a's news, bar -- bartolo colon will be back, he was 10-9 last season but in august suspended 50 games after testing positive for excessive amounts of testosterone. >> still to come, talking local college football. san jose state and stanford both on the road, both aiming for seven-win starts to
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>> welcome back, a huge wind for stanford today in colorado. that was expected. what we didn't expect is the role of quarterback kevin hogan. he may have sun planet josh nunes as the starter. buffalo fans could have left after that. a dysfunctional quarterback carousel for theme. webb, plenty of time. throws right to ed reynolds, a pick six last week, another one here. 48-yard, make it 7-0 cardinal. stanford quarterback josh nunes found the bench early. air mails this one to terrell. nearly picked off. now to hogan, second quarter, handoff to stepfan taylor. finds a hole. 27 yards, seventh rushing chowb of the year. bogut, 111 yards in the first half alone. 32 yards. down the seam to toilolo. a few plays later, hogan with the bootleg to the wide open
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zack ertz. hogan, redshirt freshman. 19 yards. 18-23, 184 yards and who scores, also rushed for 48. stanford crush colorado, 48-0. the cardinal host oregon state next saturday. >> san jose state on the road, taking on the vandals of idaho in moscow. second quarter, spartans drive, and look at this grab. between two defenders. they went to the review. got both feet down. spartans on top 14-7. san jose state outscores idaho 28-of in the second halve. fales, four touchdowns, 35-yards there to chandler jones. spartans handle the vandals, 42-13. later in the show, number one alabama pushed to the limit in baton rouge. usc against oregon. that's your sports report brought to you by river rock
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casino. >> we'll see you in a little bit. still to come, the haunting images from the devastation left in the wake of superstorm sandy and what some are doing thisendn recover. >> how northern california residents are lending a hand to help those in need on the east coast,
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>> ama: good evening, i'm ama daetz in tonight's headlines, an art teacher in livermore has been arrested for indecent exposure. police say he was spotted exposing himself in car on halloween while trying to lure young trick-or-treaters. >> a firefighter sudden a back injury in richmond. the fire began in a rear storage area of a commercial building
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where an aa meeting was being conducted. >> a dredging crew in san rafael is getting credit for keeping a deck fire from getting out of hand. they used the excavator to pull the dredge close enough to use its fire hose on the flames. >> a san francisco family came home and found a dead man upstairs. police say he was burglar and was trying to get out of the house. he apparently stepped on a broken sink or toilet, fell and died. >> more than 2.6 million customers on the east coast remain without power tonight. it's been five days since sandy hit in manhattan, lights are back on. however, the other for rowes remain in the dark. the storm killed 113 people and dramatically changed the landscape along the atlantic coast. here's illinoiss of the -- images of the devastation and recovery.
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block ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> the bay area is helping the east coast by sending money, volunteers and blood. here's the details. reporter: the oakland red cross blood donation center is busy almost a week after sack didevastated the east coast. donors poured in.
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people are still motivate to donate after seeing the devastation. >> you can't be not motivated if you see anything on tv or hear reports about what happened in new york, new jersey, all up and down the coast. >> steven burrows decided while donating money helps the credit cross function, being a universal blood donor is just as important. >> want to help the friends on the east coast, and i have good blood, 0 negative so decided to donate blood. >> donations are 25% higher at this time of year. when sandy hit he east coast it caused closure of blood connection centers and the need became not only for blood but blood platelets that helps the blood clot. that's. >> platelets were more of a concern because they have a shelf life of five days. so if you're not collecting platelets for three or five
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dies, they're inventory is going to run out. >> 82 bay area volunteers have been sent to help those affected by the storm. this red cross emergency vehicle is also being shipped back east, leaving on a drive new york city or shellby jiles or san jose and stewart of cupertino. they plan to drive around and provide whatever they can to those who need it. >> we look for people who need our help, red cross help, and we go to find others and make sure they get the help and as well as provide a hot meal. >> as far as blood donations go, the red cross says there's been such a surge of donors some people had to wait a half our or longer so they're asking people to make appointments. >> ama: disney and abc are making monday a day of giving to victims of the storm. disney is kicking things off with a $2 million donation the
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american red cross, and you can help by texting abc to 90999, to give $10 to relief efforts. you can also donate to the red cross by calling 1-800-help now or going online to >> still to come at 11:00, fighting aging. the new process that promises to erase your wrinkles using sells from your own body. >> leigh: temperatures across the bay area, upper 50s and low 60s. get ready for
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>> ama: stem cells may hold the key to treating a wide range of diseases but right now a form of that technology is being used to combat aging. it uses your own cells for wrinkle relief. carolyn johnson explains. >> linda reed has been waiting months for a cost met tech treatment that began with her own body. last year we watched as a san francisco dermatologist snipped a small tissue sample from behind her ear. today that biopsy return in a slightly different form. >> this will be thawed out before the treatment. this will be her life cellsaini- containing -- >> a company used linda's tissue
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sample to cull tour stem cells known as fibro blasts. >> they produce new kole la general and they're produce aring your own collagen over time. >> does this hurt? >> he injects the fibro blasts into the wrinkles and age lines in heir face, where ideally they will mature and produce fresh collagen, us platly plumping those areas. >> i know you heat these line idaho -- lines here. >> that's what i'm looking for, not young, and not going after youth. >> according to the company, the results from the living cells can priews long-lasting improvements in facial lines and skin quality. temporary side effects can include bruising and redness, but since the cells are harvested from each patient, there's almost no risk of reaction. patients have to wait to see
1:47 am
results. >> because it's a gradual process, they're going to see improvement over time, which a lot of patients like, so they don't abruptly change. they look better and better and better over time. >> we caught up with linda eight weeks later. the doctors photographed the results. she says the biggest early improvement is the line around linda's nose and upper lip area. >> the fine lines are better because it's crete -- creating a mat direction or buttress, foundation, for the collagen. >> he says after the dreams are complete, linda can expect to see increasing smoothness and plumpness. >> a natural progression, things happen over time and there's a fullness i like and that's what i'm looking for. >> carolyn johnson, abc-7 news. >> ama: the cost of the three treatments ranges three to four thousand dollars. >> the national academy of television arts and sciences honored a member of the abc
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family today, the abc-7 family. the academy inducted photographer kathy caddie into the silver circle for an amaze 30g years in the bay area television. she has covered every major news event, traveled overseas and shot many iteam reports. congratulations to you, kathy. >> we had some wonderful weather today. league -- leigh says it's warming up. >> leigh: she is is a terrific gal. we're going to talk about the east coast. it's going to be a cold day there towards the new england area. 49, boston, 52, washington, dc. cold air moving into that part of the country. tuesday and wednesday, and unfortunately another nor'easter is going to set up off the coast and that's going to bring a wave of rain and gusty winds to that area that was hit. so hard by hurricane sandy.
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so something to keep our eyes on. dallas tomorrow, nice in comparison. 73. phoenix, 90. look for rain for seattle. 61. i tell you, the state of california just looks delightful. it will be mild to warm in palm springs, plenty of sunshine. 92. although high fire danger in the l.a. area as the offshore winds persist. 84, l.a. 79, sacramento. we in the bay area will get the offshore winds, and that will mean some near record highs for us as we head into monday and tuesday. temperatures inland, in the 80s, and we'll even see some 70s nears the coast, and before you go to sleep, set the clock back one hour, we return to pacific standard time. >> get an extra hour of sleep. but dark early. >> be careful with the kids and school, especially on monday and tuesday, until you get used to the time change. >> ama: thank you, leigh.
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mike shumann is off, so colin rush is in. talking basketball up no that baseball is over. >> yes, finally. the season kept going and going, but hoops is going now. does such a thing existing as a signature win in the third game of the season? the warriors got it tonight. >> on at the gridiron, alabama tested in baton
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>> welcome back. what had been feared became arrest today. brandon rush out for the season with a torn acl he sud last night. undermanned but certainly not overwhelmed tonight in l.a. andrew bogut in street clothes warriors don't want to play him in back-to-back games. curry with the putback. warriors 18-6. curry, three of his 23, team high 43 minutes, blake griffin spinning, three or four steps, no call, whatever. game tied. landry, huge off the bench.
1:53 am
11-16 from the field. tipped. fouled. score it. 97-83 warriors. clippers, late rally, chris paul from downtown. got it. former warrior jamal crawford. corner three. he had 27. more from steph, ankle looked healthy, and he looked confident. jumper in the lane, warriors lead again. chris paul driving, steph steps in, takes the charge and that seals it. warriors never trailed, gut out a 11 4-110 win. >> a huge win for stanford at colorado. what we dent expect was the role of quarterback kevin hogan. he may have supplanted josh nunes as the starter. >> ralphy cam, mounted to the bill of the hammer. buffalo fan this is your highlight. they were terrible. jordan west, plenty of time,
1:54 am
still throws it right to ed reynolds. had a pick six last week, another one today. josh nunes found the bench early. air mails this one past terrell, nearly picked off. now to hogan, second quarter. taylor finds the hole and it is a huge hole. 26 yards. taylor's seventh rushing touchdown of the year. 14-0 cardinal. hogan, 11-15. 111 yards in the fir half. 32 yards down the seam to toilolo. finally taken down. a few plays later, hogan with the bootleg, wide open zack ertz, wide open. 19 yards to toilolo, two scores, rush for 48. stanford improves to 7-2. they host oregon state next saturday. >> if you left your couch to
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grab something from the fridge you probably missed two touchdowns in the oregon-usc game. barner scampers through the trojan d, dives into the end zone. 21-3 ducks. looked like oregon had an answer for matt barkley. last week, ho-hum 157. 21-10 game. in the fought, barner unstoppable. ducks win it 62-51. >> san jose state on the road, taking thon vandals of idaho. spartans driving, fales to carr. look at this catch. two guys, grabs its. sansan jose state outscores ida. fales, 328 yards, spartans win it 42-13.
1:56 am
>> the national championship runs through the southeast conference. a clash of titans, alabama visiting lsu. a rematch of last year's title game won by bama. they say there's no place louder than tiger stadium on a saturday night. zack, perfect pass toline tri. gives lsu the win. will there be an upset in the bayou? no. a minute left. yelden for the game-winning score. 21-17 the final. bama remains undefeated, crushing loss for lsu. third ranked notre dame, hands full with pittsburgh. late fourth quarter, irish down 20-12 when gordon avoids the rush, fires the strike, made the two-opinion -- two point conversion to tie its. harper 3-rbgs 3 yards. no. wide rite. then triple overtime.
1:57 am
colson punches it in. notre dame escape, 29-26. >> that is your sports report. good day in conditional football. >> thank you juror -- for joining us. the news begins tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. don't forget to fall backwards and our new alarm clock app does that automatically.
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